Katie, a friend of mine from grad school, serves as a board member at ARFHouse Chicago, a no-kill animal shelter (aside from her full-time career as an accountant). She asked if I’d be interested in creating a flyer for the organization’s fundraising party. Fortunately, I had a little bit of time to do so just right before the holidays.

I wanted to create something that would tie in the purpose of their event, the flirty party, and the date (five days before Valentine’s day). So “sexy chic” came to mind. I picked a dark tone, an animal print, and a pink rose to exude the very vibe. Glad that the combination worked for Katie and the other board members.

Best wishes to Katie and everyone at ARFHouse Chicago in their fundraising efforts!

Leopard print vector by Inferlogic

Pink rose by Yongxinge via Wikimedia Commons